Friday, May 16, 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's, a charming pajama party, ...

Two dear friends were having a birthday in the same week. We wanted to celebrate, on a Friday night, but we also wanted to relax, so we decided to have a pajama party.

Pajamas and Pearls to be precise.

Our hostess set a lovely table with vintage linens and simply elegant garden bouquets of camellias and Daphne

with a focus on understated elegance and Tiffany blue. 

A fun little twist to the table was a pack of bubblegum cigarettes at each place setting, so we could channel Holly Go~lightly, and "puff" away without a care, as we ate breakfast for dinner.

 Each of the birthday girls were crowned with true~blue tiaras. 

Appropriately colored Glassybabies and boxes from a local bakery, filled with intense chocolate cupcakes for dessert, rounded out the decorations.

After dinner, we cozied up on the sofa to watch our favorite Huckleberry Friend.

This can be a relatively easy and extremely comfortable party to throw. To make it even more fun, stock up on tasseled earplugs, bubblegum ciggy's, silky eye masks, and Audrey Style sunglasses, so everyone can be a little more Audrey for the evening. 

I have a selection of party favors for your perusal below.

But before you go there, you may want to click on the caption below this image to read some interesting background information on the making of the film and the theme song. 

The story behind Moon River
 And to read about the recent re~release of her legendary sunglasses click on the caption below this image.

Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses
Now, here are the goodies!

Everything you need for a Pajama Party
Oval bi-focal sunglasses, I have this pair and absolutely adore them because they are bifocals, so I can read the menu while lunching alfresco, darling

Oliver Goldsmith tortoiseshell glasses These are the real thing, "not a phony, because they are the real phony." Oliver Goldsmith recently reissued these "Manhattans", Audrey wore this style with dark tortoise frames and green lenses. "One of a kind sunglasses that speak not through obnoxious logos, but by the beauty, individuality and personality in their designs".

Tortoiseshell sunglasses , Wayfarer style, but at a price that will allow you to buy a pair for each member of your breakfast club.

Tranquility Therapeutic Silk Sleep Mask, Hypoallergenic Reinforcements! This beautiful champagne silk charmeuse eye mask will keep you luxuriously relaxed all through the night.

Navy Silk Eyemask, I have this one and it is so soft and silky! It truly does offer "velvety darkness for a good rest, anytime, anywhere" and for under $8, they will save you a lot of trips to the powder room!

Mary Green "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Eye Mask, Handcrafted of beautiful blue silk with jeweled "eyes" and gold roped trim.

Bubble Gum Cigarettes,What's your favorite brand to puff? Bubblegum....


Handcrafted tasseled earplugs are available in a range of colors.

Baby blue long tassel ear plugs Breakfast at Tiffanys style, For even more glamor, go for the longer tassels in Tiffany blue or Fuchsia. 

Black and white toss pillow Oh, why not?

As a departure gift, you could give each guest a box of Cracker Jack....

A case of Cracker Jack from Amazon

Cracker Jack would also be the ideal movie snack, served in champagne coupes, naturally.
image from Cupcake Cuties baking blog

You could even stash fun little rings in the coupes as "prizes". 

Twelve things you may not have known about breakfast at Tiffany's 
Alright, time for me to head around the bend, my huckleberry friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

What do you have planned? 


Karena Albert said...

Emily what a fun idea and I adore The breakfast at Tiffany's theme!

The Arts by Karena

therelishedroost said...

Love it, she is one of my all time favorite actresses and my daughter Kylie has her room Tiffany blue! We would love this!

The enchanted home said...

I love elegant and what a perfect theme! All the details are wonderful.....