Sunday, July 28, 2013

Let Sedums reign...

We're all looking for a little more freedom come summertime, aren't we?Freedom to enjoy all the pleasures of indoor~outdoor living. But, of course, we don't want to compromise on decor and beauty.

A little touch of natural, living beauty in each of our favorite summer living spaces, indoors and out, will go a long way towards creating more splendid summertime experiences. But, making cut flower arrangements for all these spaces can become quite time consuming. This year, I've turned to Sedums for a little more freedom. Potted Sedums are an easy way to enjoy that elegance of greenery and natural beauty quite nicely, even if they are neglected a little bit from time to time. 

By planting in 4 similar pots I can create a large scale arrangement like this, to create a bold presentation of green.

Or, separately, they add summer long, or maybe year long? {fingers crossed!} succulentness {a new word}. In the winter, if potted, Sedums should be moved to a protected space, to ensure they thrive again the next summer.

In general Sedums {aka stonecrop} like full sun, but can tolerate some shade and only need to be watered once a week. These stalwarts need good drainage and prefer a sandy soil. It's best to use pots with drainage holes and put shards of broken pots or pea gravel at the bottom of the pot for better water dispersion.

These  plants complement most any vignette, be it a casual coastal collection, 

or more elegant crystal.

They look just as lovely perched on the corner of outdoor iron furniture,

as they do indoors on the entry table {they won't complain a bit if you bring them indoors for a few days.}

Scallop shells can make beautiful, beachy candle shades.

Pieces of driftwood support these shells that are covering clear glass votive candles.

The shells provide a soft, reflective glow so the shapely succulents can be enjoyed well into the night.

Morning through night, Sedums reign.


I Dream Of said...

Lovely, Emily. You've inspired me once again - my entryway planting of annuals died while we spent a sunny weekend away at Lake Chelan. I was wondering what I could replace it with that wouldn't require such fuss. And here is my answer. Thank you!


Hi Emily,

Gorgeous planters! You make succulents look so pretty--I am going to give them a try this summer!
Cheers, Barbara