Monday, June 3, 2013

Shell beach, Gustavia, St. Barthélemey, French West Indies...

One of the many delights of staying in a house right in Gustavia was being able to walk over to Shell Beach for a little dip whenever I felt the need.

I'm not sure if this density of shells comes to the beach naturally or not, but it is certainly a lovely affect.

Shell beach is the ideal place to go for an afternoon swim and a frosty glass of rosé to sip while watching the sunset. 

There is plenty of natural beach space here, including rocky outcrops and boulders on which to sun. In fact, it looks just like the tiled sign at the top of this post.

There is also a very fun restaurant and beach club called Do Brazil. Here, one can rent beach beds and umbrellas or choose a casual palapa table on the beach for toes~in~the~sand wining and dining {their ceviche is exceptional!}.

Or, if you'd prefer a higher perch, climb up into the treehouse~like restaurant.

The weathered wood, tropical and reclaimed materials

in this open front building make this you feel like your dining with a groovy new generation of Swiss Family Robinson.  

The regatta had a big party here one night, the changing colored lights on the white food and bar tents had a great effect on this open beach.

Though nothing could compare with the gorgeous dusky indigo night sky after the sun settled.

I'm feeling like Splendid Market has become much more of a travel blog than I ever intended! As much as I enjoy travelling, I also love being at home. I hope you've found this extensive travel segment to be helpful and inspiring. But, personally, I'm looking forward to getting back to "the market" and sharing the best of what I am doing, seeing, tasting and smelling from the home front.

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Karen Albert said...

Emily, I am thinking I need a few weeks of Island Time!! Gorgeous Beach!

2013 Designers Series
Art by Karena

Linda @ DesignInMyView said...

Emily, I love these posts about St Barts. Fingers crossed I'll get back there again.

My sister-in-law comes from a very large family (both sides) on the island I'm looking forward to showing her your posts - just to hear her comments about whose house you were renting and businesses you have featured!

That post sunset photo "dusky indigo night sky" may be one of my all time favorites.


designchic said...

I've never been to St Barts, but am dying to go....your images are amazing. Saving these posts in case I ever get there...

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