Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy hunting in L'Isle sur la Sorgue...

Saturday, Sunday and Monday the antique shops in L'Isle~sur~la~Sorgue are open for business. At these shops you won't find great bargains, but you will find an interesting melange of beautiful piece.

One of the things we are in the market for is an interesting, large mirror for our stairway. Here is what we found:

I always love a Venetian mirror, and this was an amazing specimen. However, this is a little too ornate for the space I have in mind.

Loved this 18th century design as well, it is a wonderful size, and I love the grey blue color. But it's a little too light in color for the space.

We loved this unique carved wood piece, it came from, what must have been, a very ornate brasserie;
but I think it may look a little small in our space.

Our top choice right now is this beautiful 18th century piece, it will create a wonderful transition from our more casual living space to our more formal living room. The size will nicely fill the wall space in our entryway.

We haven't made a purchase yet. We've decided to look around a bit before making a choice.

Here's a peek at some of the other wonderful pieces I saw:

We loved the sea background, blue vase and full figured anemones in of this painting. 

Capt. Splendid and I both go weak in the knees for a gorgeous barometer, this one is superior.

This collection of tagines was captivating.

Old, weathered doors or art?

Here is an incredible kitchen island ready to go, loaded with rustic charm, rich colors and plenty of storage.

Love this gorgeous, patina laden urn.

Doesn't his well worn table and cupboard looks like it came from the servants quarters in some marvelous old mansion in Paris?

On a smaller scale, I loved these books on the studies of nature.

And, while I'm singing the blues, isn't this a marvelous urn and basin?

Here was an interesting collection of enameled pots, in beautiful shades of blue. They were out in a courtyard, taking on the weather.

What gorgeous blue patina. I could see these in a restaurant setting. I'm not sure what I would do with these at home, but I loved the way they looked all together in this display.

I am always passionate about the beautiful old monogrammed French linens. Over the years, I've used them to create pillows and a couple of lampshades at home, this is an especially lovely lampshade.

Oh, I loved these chairs, the seats need to be recovered in my opinion, but aren't they beautiful?  I really wanted to get them for my kitchen table, but in the end, I realized they were just way too low for the average table {including ours}. But it was a set of 4, and they were very hard to leave behind.

This town has been a focal point for designers and dealers over the years. There is an array of consolidators, packers and shippers in town to help you get any found treasures home. The shipping is pretty reasonable, but the import taxes have been quite high in the past, from my experience, so that is something you should research before making a purchase. Feel free to haggle a bit, as a starting point, the dealers will give you a discount if you tell them you have to ship and import. 

Let me know if there are any pieces about which you would like more information.


quintessence said...

Wonderful shopping and love your mirror pick!! Happy weekend!

designchic said...

This would be my heaven. Just love perusing beautiful antique stores. The barometer is absolutely stunning!!

I Dream Of said...

Emily, you are making me drool! I love everything... especially those chairs in the last shot. The blue & white basin is so pretty, and that table. Wow! Love the mirror you are thinking about. Oh, what a fun shopping adventure. Will you ever come back to Seattle? I would be so tempted to stay and stay in Belle France. XO

miss b said...

The mirror you are thinking about is lovely - don't miss it! I also like the collection of tagines and the pair of chairs too.