Tuesday, April 17, 2012

tropical touches...

Our stay on "the big island", Hawai'i, was both spontaneous and relaxing, we spent time with some wonderful old friends and met some great new friends. Given the last minute nature of our booking, I ended up returning on an overnight flight, 8:30pm departure from Honolulu, 5:30am arrival in Seattle  {3:30am Hawai'i time}. It's a brilliant concept, my daughter and I enjoyed a wonderful full wahine day in paradise, but I ended up sleeping very little on the flight, so I'm feeling a little dull today!

I have lots of things I want to share with you, I'll start with these two tasty tidbits. One of my favorite lunch spots on the big island was Number 3, on the golf course at the Mauna Kea resort. The food was well prepared with fresh ingredients. They also had some appealing simple garnishes I plan to use here at the market.

Grilled citrus halves were placed on many a plate. The grilling didn't seem to change the taste of the juice from these segments, but that caramelized edge just looked more finished, added more color contrast to the plate and gave the dish a nice rustic~exotic appeal. When I do this at home I'll probably brush the cut edge with olive oil before grilling and sprinkle the seared fruit with some sea salt before tucking it next to the fish tacos, or grilled fish, or chicken pieces or slices of steak....  you get the idea.

I loved this thin slice of pineapple slipping down the side a glass of iced tea. It offered a soft yellow accent without getting all chunky and predominant. It made me think that thin slices of pineapple could also be an elegant background garnish randomly positioned across a platter or lining a bowl or plate, don't you think?

Speaking of slipping, I am hoping to slip into a splendid night full of deep, restful sleep tonight, so I can be ready to share many more inspiring notions from my adventures in the days to come.

Aloha ahiahi la oukou.


I Dream Of said...

Rest up, Emily! Glad you had a sunny escape! Looking forward to more island inspiration.

quintessence said...

Oh lucky you!! Sounds like a wonderful last minute decision. Love both these delicious and beautiful suggestions - look forward to seeing more inspiration from your trip - and in the meantime, get some sleep!!

Splendid Sass said...

What a wonderful trip.
I have never thought of putting pineapple spears in tea, but I am certainly going to do this very thing. There is no fruit fresher and sweeter that that of Hawaii.
Happy Wednesday.

designchic said...

Your vacation sounded fabulous, and the food...heavenly!! Always hard for me to sleep on a plane too - now to rest up from your vacation...