Thursday, April 19, 2012

Splendid winners...

Have you ever heard the catchphrase for a popular bath product, "Calgon, take me away...."? The idea was that sprinkling this scented powder into your bath would help to take you away to a more relaxing, luxurious place, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes next in your real life.
Meditating Buddha at the Mauna Kea
I am so excited to announce the winners of my very favorite soap from The Ranch, I hope that everytime you use it, you are taken to a perfectly pleasant place.

But before you hop in the shower and begin your transcendence,

why not hook on that pedometer and walk 10,000 steps or so.....

@:{} <~ that's my glamour girl
wearing a turban, or an up-do,
or a towel in a steamy shower ~> smiley!

Mauna Kea beach
Before announcing the winners I want to say thank you to all of you who entered and who read regularly, you are my Calgon.

Here is who will be enjoying that yummy~scrubby soap in Lavender, Spearmint~Rosemary or Eucalyptus~Orange:

Karena of Art by Karena

I also want to announce the winners of the Tom Skerritt autographed programs from his PNB Don Quixote performance:

 Stacey of Quintessence
Jeanne of I dream of

Please send your mailing addresses to {and let me know if you have a scent preference}, so I can get these gifts {plus a little splendid swag} to you as soon as possible.


Karena said...

Emily I am so excited; I opened your email post this morning and was looking at these gorgeous images...then saw that I was one who won your Giveaway!!

Art by Karena

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Congratulations to the winners!!
I wouldn't need Calgon if I was lucky enough to be here, but I think I will pick up a box for old times sake. It does make the water so soft and silky!! You images are amazing. Thank you for sharing one again, Emily!!
Happy Friday!

Splendid Market said...

Hello Teresa, I was doing a little research for the piece and learned that calgon has expanded their product line and scents. They have a liquid called "turquoise seas" that is quite tempting. Here is a link:

I Dream Of said...

Oh, what a fun prize. Thank you, Emily! Your getaway looks just heavenly. The perfect place to close your eyes and imagine for a little Calgon moment.
Hope you enjoyed this glorious weekend! XO

quintessence said...

Oh what fun!! Thank you Emily!! Your shots of Hawaii are AMAZING!! Can't wait to see the program!