Wednesday, March 14, 2012

green and white flowers...

The flower that signifies the transition from winter to spring the most for me is the quince. In fact, I cherish these blossoms, so it is not surprising that the branches from this shrub inspired me to write my very first post on Splendid Market, way back when. 

I love to push the timing for these floral displays, by cutting the branches and bringing them inside when they are covered with tight, round, green buds {click on very first post  above, or <<-there to learn how to do this}. Within days, these beautiful, delicate petals will magically unfurl to the delight of all who view them.

Most any fruit buds can be "forced" to bloom inside, apples, cherries and pears bloom beautifully indoors. These indoor flowers always help me to survive through the most stubborn of winters. I love creating displays of all different sizes. Here is a massive display of quince branches, in all of their unruly beauty, coupled with giant upright pussy willows, separating my family room and kitchen.

Sorry readers, I have to take a momentary sidetrack here, but I'll be getting to more green and white flower displays in a moment.

For those of you who were active during the great blue and white fabric challenge days, I did finally make a decision, after struggling over it for...way...  too...  long.

It took a visit to a beautiful home, owned by a beautiful couple {inside and out} with exquisite taste. There, I saw a pair of chairs upholstered with a fabric I had used on one of the beachy couches in the family room years ago, the Brunschwig & Fils Bromelia Resist Cotton Print in blue. I looked at the chairs in their fresh fabric coverings and realized that after years of searching, since I hadn't seen anything I liked more, why not stick with something my family and I loved? 

This gives me the deep indigo tones I'm seeking, with a nice flowing pattern that is geometric, with a nice organic touch.

Okay, now, back to the flowers. These white quince blossoms could set an ideal tonal note for St. Patrick's Day. You know, you don't have to buy into the whole green carnation syndrome to be florally festive for the holiday.

Or, why not go with a loosely arranged bouquet of greenish parrot tulips paired with sprigs of soft sage? 

They almost look like prehistoric creatures, don't they?

Another fresh option is to search around your favorite nursery for interesting living greens: ferns, succulents, cacti and certainly shamrocks can be displayed in clay pots or other more elegant containers in celebration for the feast for St. Patrick. Click on love of the green for a some inspiring shots on this theme and a few other notions.

Oh and here's one of my favorite lazy~lady tips... if you find flowers or plants in a pot and would rather not move them into another container... just cover the pot with asparagus...

a floral pot surrounded in fresh green asparagus.
click on the caption above to see how to do this in under five minutes.

What are your plans for St. Patrick's Day? I'd love to hear them.


The enchanted home said...

The flowers are as gorgeous as your home! I love the blue and white fabric and your vignette is stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I love the blossoms too! You have them arranged beautifully, Emily. I love seeing the flowers and greenery showing their pretty faces!
Happy Thursday.

Splendid Market said...

Thank you both for your complements. We are having the stormiest, coldest weather. Lots of candles and flowers really do warm things up out here. Though I must admit, I love listening to the roaring rain and wind while I am sleeping {or waking} at night.

xo ebh