Saturday, January 28, 2012

the winter ball

The invitation was late, but the date was great, so why not go to the ball? We rushed downtown to find a dress, a wrap, and accessories.

"Oh no! What about the boutonnière !?" "I will make you one, my dear" I replied when I heard the scream during my royal nap.  "Okay, can you make one for Bella too?" "Oui" {my French lessons seem to be kicking in}.

Is there any flower more appropriate for a winter fête than the lovely Camilla? I always keep some florist tape on hand and a few fancy straight pins, just in case.

After wrapping the stems with florist tape and adding the pin, 

I slipped the boutonnières into cellophane bags and they were ready to go.

Do boys want ribbons on their cello bags? 

Probably not. Right??

Hope you are having an exciting weekend.


Splendid Sass said...

Such a beautiful post, Emily. We have camellias groaning too. Nice to have such a beautiful flower in the winter, although we have had much of one where I am :(. Love seeing everyones posts on snow.
Have a nice week.

Leslie said...

Way to pull-it-together Emily! Nicely done and your flower choice was perfect (I couldn't have done that without help!)

P.S. How are your teeth feeling? I'm with you on all counts. Lot's of changes over the past couple years. When I was a teen, braces were only used when necessary and not for cosmetic reasons. Those of us with mild imperfections just lived with it. So here I am at 52 getting braces! I don't know about you but I didn't realize how much I snack! A little inconvenient when dining out, but worth it in the end I'm sure.

Enjoy your day!


quintessence said...

Lovely!! I'm sure your daughter's date appreciated his handsome boutonnière - thank goodness mom is so handy!!

pretty pink tulips said...

Those are so sweet. Camellias are the perfect flower to pin on a young man's jacket!!

Loved reading your recap about the big Seattle snowstorm and George's. We're having the craziest Springlike weather here in NY. But, I'll happily take it.

Have a wonderful day!
xo Elizabeth

designchic said...

How beautiful and love that you were able to whip that right up, Emily...know they were both thrilled!! Have a great weekend ~