Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread homes...a colorful, lonely job...

I decided to try a new strategy for the gingerbread homes this year. I was hoping it would be more efficient, even before I realized I would be building all three homes alone this year. My little elves had "other things to do", so, sadly, I made my confectionery embellished huts for my kitchen forest {more on that coming up} all by myself. When we {I} make gingerbread houses, I like to layer on plenty of colors and textures. Usually, I build the houses {from a kit, I especially like the old world looking houses from Trader Joe's, made in Germany}.

Usually, I build the houses, let the powdered~sugar glue dry overnight and then decorate them with my little elves the next day.
Gingerbread house roofs covered with frosted~mini wheats
That method, requires a great deal of time spent gluing on candies and then holding each one in place as the "glue" dries, to ensure the candies don't slide down the edge of the house.
Nonpareil covered chocolate cookies and Classic Holiday Candy Mix from Trader Joe's
This year, I thought, "why not decorate all of the pieces as they are lying down, let the candies attach overnight, lying horizontally, and then glue the walls and roof pieces together the next day??" No one was there to argue with my logic {my attempt to look on the bright side, in regards to the changes in life}.

So, I tried it, and I actually do think it saves some time and stress. As I was holding the decorated pieces in place the next day some of the candies did break off, but it was easy to reattach them. 

The after~eight mints used to tile a roof were especially delicate. But, in the end, I think it was a much more efficient way to build homes with the layers of candies that make them look so very fun and festive.

peppermint candies are dotted with spice mix gumdrops
Do you think Santa would be terribly upset if I skipped that whole powered sugar glue~stuff next year and just whipped out my glue gun instead??


Splendid Sass said...

You have done a beautiful job, Emily! I can't wait to see the finished houses. So much fun.

Barbara@HausDesign said...

Those are works of art already! And that totally makes sense to do everything lying down first...will have to try that next year, although since my elves are still small enough, I may not have a choice! :)

The enchanted home said...

This is AMAZING!!!! I cannot believe the amount of work (and love) that you have put into looks like a gingerbread house factory!! WOW I am really impressed...truly beautiful!

pretty pink tulips said...

Gorgeous, candy confections! You have outdone yourself with these. I'm hoping that in a couple of days I'll be caught up and able to bake cookies with my boys!!

This is inspiring me to get there!
xoxo Elizabeth

designchic said...

I cannot even image the work that has gone into this amazing creation. I can hardly do the ones that are preconstructed!! Please show us photos when you are finished...

I Dream Of said...

Outstanding! Emily, I'm working on a photo book of our Spain trip as a Christmas gift for Mr. H. and your ginger bread "building blocks" are reminding me of Guadi mosaics. Please do show us your work of art when you are finished! XO