Friday, March 11, 2011

A Charmed Life

Do you remember when...

We had dinner with a fun group on Valentine's Evening. 

Over our first course I couldn't stop noticing the shiny, silver charm bracelet worn by one of my darling dining companions.

When she told me the story of the bracelet she looked as if she might burst with sheer happiness.

She had recently had a significant birthday, and in celebration, a close friend hosted a lunch for her. As a gift, the hostess asked each guest to bring a silver charm for the guest of honor.

Each of her friends brought a charm that was a reminder of something special about their friendship.

The Birthday Girl had such a warm smile on her face as she told me the story behind each of the charms. 

The hostess had each of the charms attached to a silver bracelet and gave it to the Birthday Girl.

It was clear that she was very deeply touched and moved by the accumulated tokens of her special relationships, I'm sure she will wear and cherish this bracelet forever. 

Isn't that a dear and thoughtful gift??

What an incredible treasure to receive.


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

This is such a sweet idea! I just love it. I had a charm bracelet when I was a young girl and I loved it. A new one as a grown up would be so fun especially with charms picked out by friends. Thanks for sharing this great idea!!

Tabitha said...

What a thoughtful gift idea, wouldn't you love to be the recipient of something like that?

quintessence said...

Lovely!! I have done this before as teacher's gifts - where each child in the class goes to the store and picks a charm - the store keeps track and I presented a nicely designed list of what each child selected along with the bracelet. It has always been very much appreciated.

Emily Heston said...

It would be such a treasured item to receive, T&L.

Q -- what a good idea for a teachers gift!