Monday, May 2, 2016

Late night treasure diving.....

One rainy yet balmy night on our cruise there was discussion of potential lobsters crawling around 

in the shallow, bright blue waters in which we were floating.

                            People suited up with masks, snorkels, flashlights and dove in.

The lobsters were too small to harvest, but the "brave ones" brought back plenty of beautiful shells we could adore for a few minutes.

Before releasing them back to the seas. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Cover Girl, Arabella.....

The other thing I loved about coming home was, of course, being with my dogs, Arabella and Ezemé.

 As an added homecoming bonus, we just received, in our mailbox, the latest Orvis catalogue, featuring none other than my dear friend and partner in life & adventure, Arabella, right there on the front cover. Very Exciting!!

Did you see it??

Avoir du chien = To have a certain something, to be charming, to be sexy
With the kids away, I've been focusing my lens on Arabella and her sidekick Ezemé a bit more lately. Both are agreeable models. 

I think their love, loyalty and devotion really comes through in their eyes in these shots... and devoted they are. Even though they aren't "water dogs", Arabella is always willing to hop on the back of my paddle board 

and both will climb into the canoe for a paddle around the lake with just a little bit of coaxing. 

Quelle chienne de vie = Life’s a b*tch {get it? They're both female dogs :}.
Arabella came to us from Elk Run Kennels in Star, Idaho {a word of caution before you click on the name: PUPPIES!!!}  ERK has been a national pioneer for bringing this amazing French breed, Braque du Bourbonnais, stateside. As you may recall, I brought Ezemé home from France with me after we lived there a few years back.
It's also been nice to reconnect with friends & family and to get back into some of my regular activities. For instance, I'm hoping to get into some French classes and movie nights with the fabulous Virginie at French Truly  who offers enticing lessons in French language and culture. As an example, here is a timely email she sent out today, sharing some common French phrases that include the word "chien", or "dog" in French. Be sure to click on the video link below to thoroughly appreciate this interesting and charming professor.

Here is the key text from the video: 

"Before we start you need some context. The following expressions are quite negative but you have to understand that they are old and being a dog a century ago was not as fun as today. Definitely did not get the amount of love that today’s dogs get.
Il fait un temps de chien = The weather is really bad
Quelle chienne de vie = Life’s a bitch
Non, non, I’m not swearing! It is the word for a female dog!
Mon cou me fait un mal de chien = My neck hurts like crazy
And now some more positive ones!!!
Avoir du chien = To have a certain something, to be charming, to be sexy
Entre chien et loup = Dusk, when the light is such that you can barely see the difference between a dog and a wolf.
Nom d’un chien! = For goodness sake!"

To see the video {and you really should} click on Chien

Are you on instagram? I'd love to follow you. I'm at Splendid7, and have been posting a lot of shots on my recent travels, please stop by for a preview of posts to come. I use the hashtag #braquesraque for shots of Arabella & Ezemé.

If you'd like your catalogue autographed pawed, just send it my way, I have connections with this superstar. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

blanc blooms, home sweet home...

I've been on the go for so many weeks. It's been a bit bizarre adjusting to this life where my rudders {kids} have left the ship {temporarily, hopefully}, leaving me to sail wherever the winds may take me. It's been a series of colorful, fun filled adventures, but I always love coming home.

This time I was welcomed by some of my favorite flowers, white lilacs, peonies, viburnums, roses and {sigh} Lillies of the Valley. It felt like such a luxury to walk through the lawn barefoot, clipping handfuls of these delicate, fragrant blossoms plus a few greens and then situating them into my favorite old silver trophies to display about the abode. 

I hope something beautiful is blooming in your part of the world. Why not clip a few blooms and stuff them into your favorite vessels with a few greens? 

Happy Spring.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Elbow Cay, Abacos Islands....

We loved the classic pink and green interiors of The Elbow Reef Lighthouse on Elbow Cay.

We climbed the 101 swirling steps, just as a Lighthouse Keeper has been doing since 1863 to keep the light burning and turning in one of the last human operated, kerosene burning lighthouses in the world. 

If you find yourself in these waters it's definitely worth stopping at the Lighthouse Marina and make your way to the top.

You'll be rewarded with amazing views of this charming town and these remote islands.

And, who knows, maybe you'll even see a rainbow.

But don't stop at the lighthouse. 

Venture into Hope Town and 

walk the 1080 {or fewer} yards to take you to see the roaring ocean and pristine beaches on the other side. 

Cruise around the bay and take in all of the colorful quaint cottages and docks along the way. 

Pull up to Harbor's Edge, or another waterfront restaurant for a bite and a beverage. 

Walk through the town and find Hope Town Canvas where I know you'll be tempted to pick up a unique bag or two to bring home.

Click on Hope Town to find how to get there, browse cottages and villas to rent and read about many more things to do on the marvelous little island.