Wednesday, July 20, 2016

dallying with dahlias.....

I am loving my current garden bouquet on the kitchen table. 

These creamy flowers splattered with varying stripes and splotches of yellow and orange just make me smile everytime I walk by. 

There large dinner plate size helped me to make a full and colorful bouquet in minutes. 

Peaches and Cream Dahlias
I just arranged the dahlias in my hand, trimming the ends to the right height for the vase.

Dropped them in a vase of cold water, 

then filled in any holes with sprigs of white climbing roses. 

I always like to include a few closed buds on taller stems, I love seeing their shiny, emerald green crowned heads bobbing above the blooms. 

What flowers are you dilly~dallying over this summer??

I hope you have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Une piscine de vin blanc & pretty ice pillars...

To help beat the heat and keep everyone hydrated most drink menus in the South of France offer Une piscine de champagne, rosé or vin blanc, your choice of wine served in a large glass with a generous serving of ice.

It's a very pretty, frosty drink, and the ice dilutes the wine a bit so you can sip it a little longer.

But I was thinking, wouldn't it be even prettier with a few strings of currants floating in the pool? 

So, I ordered these stick ice cube trays. The holes on the top part {below} of the mold allow excess water to squirt out when you press the 2 pieces together to make perfect little pillars of ice. These were originally designed to make ice sticks that will fit into water bottles. 

To make these pillars I put sprigs of fresh currants in the lower tray and filled it with water.  Then pressed the top section on, allowing excess water to escape through the holes in the mold.

The next day for cocktails I had an abundance of beautiful frosty spheres to drop into chilled glasses. 


and then top it off with my friends wine of choice.


Isn't ice fun?

If you are having a large gathering you can start making the spheres in advance and store them in an air tight container in the freezer so you will have plenty on hand for your party. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Crazy for Capiz, Plage Papaya, Eze~sur~mer, France

Just a brief stroll down our beach in Eze is the exotically enchanting little beach club Plage Papaya. I've written about Plage Papaya before but after having the chance to visit it on numerous occasions this trip I wanted to share a few more details about this special little spot on the Med. In particular, let's examine their exotically elegant coastal decor, which has a definite emphasis on the more tropical type of beaches. By using capiz shell fixtures and other items from Bali they have created a special little sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation with a strong Indonesian vibe.  Read on to soak up the beauty and to find out how you can bring the Bali beach look to your abode with ease. 

This is a superb place to spend the kind of afternoon that turns into an evening, ideally after hiking the Nietzsche Trail up to Eze Village. Here you can leisure the afternoon away on a lounge chair in a dreamy snooze listening to the waves lapping at the pebble beach.

If you go there be sure to swim out to the swim platform towards the end of the day to relax and take in the very last sun on the bay. Here, you can look up to Eze Village and enjoy the dramatic meeting of the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. 

You can take your dinner on the beach to enjoy toes in the pebbles dining {their wild gambas are the best on the Côte d'Azur}

or head up the stairs and take a table under cover to soak in the alluring Balinesian decor and endless views of the sea.

The owner of Papaya and her friend, who has a shop nearby, take turns going to Bali to pick up exotic items for their businesses. I am personally quite smitten with capiz shells lately, I've used them quite a bit in our Pied á Eze. Their glowy, lustrous finish reflect light beautifully and they create a more exotic and elegant beach atmosphere than your more standard seashells. 

If you want to create this mood in your abode check out this  small capiz lotus hanging pendantlarge capiz lotus hanging pendanttulip capiz hanging lamp and the electrical cord swag kit.

Or for something a little more free flowing, what about this Capiz chandelier or Capiz chandelier windchime? I've installed light fixtures similar to this in the Pied á Eze and I love the soft, gentle tingly sound they make when a breeze runs through the room and the way the light reflects off of the individual shells.

Ornate and airy umbrellas from Bali frame this magical setting.

I love gazing at their tassels, wooden slates and other hand crafted details. Why not add a few Tabletop Bali Umbrellas  to your decor to get the look? 

This is indoor~outdoor living at it's finest. Bring that feeling to life in your living room with these Capiz shell lamp base, Shapely capiz floor lamp or Capiz tower floor lamp. These capiz shell crab throw pillows would add a rich dimension to the room, and this capiz round mirror would add a lovely level of luminous light to any room. Wouldn't this capiz round drum accent table look incredible in a powder room? 

Buddha sculptureGanesh sculpture and some lotus votive candle holders in capiz shell will really bring the zen in. 

The bank of changing rooms {cabines}, toilettes and the lavabo, are quite charming to be sure, but you could just use this capiz shell curtain to create a melodic and dramatic entrance or provide privacy. 

But let's not stop there! These Capiz Discs would look pretty scattered around the table, or you could write guests names on them and use them as place cards. To bring even more iridescence to the table consider these capiz scalloped placemats & capiz coasters. Fill this capiz bowl with tropical fruits or flowers for an easy, natural centerpiece. This white capiz tray would make a great foundation for a bar cart.

Here's to hoping you're having a glowing summer so far!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

I hope you are enjoying the 4th of July.  For me, it's been a fun day with garden flowers, flags, friends, family, food and festivities.

Now, I'm off to the fireworks. 

... my country "tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.